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  1. I agree it is unfair that non-fault claim increases you insurance premium, but I can understand why insurers do it. Just becuase an accident isn't your fault doesn't mean you couldn't have done something to avoid it. I've lost count of the amount of times I could have accident, which wouldn't have been my fault, but because I tend to drive quite defensively I have avoided it. If you have an accident, even a non-fault acident, then statistically you are probably more likely to have an accident in future. I'm not saying I agree with it, but that's why your premium goes up.
  2. Thanks chaps. I dropped of the spae keys for recoding this AM and hopefully she will be up and running buy this afternoon!
  3. A little update for anyone who is interested. Apprently the NATS has died and they need to replace the chip and reprogram all the keys. It also needs a new battery and with all the diagnostic work they've done its going to cost £860 to fix. Ouch. Still, with any luck I should be on the road again buy the weekend, so I can start looking for a replacement car for the Mrs's write off!
  4. I took this from here - http://g35driver.com...wont-start.html although my car just won't start at all: Most aftermarket flywheels for the VQ35 models have a FWD and RWD crank dowel index. There should be two holes on the back of the flywheel and you have to make sure you have the dowel in the correct one. If you have it indexed incorrectly it can cause the car to stall, stumble and run like crap in general! Check this out and let me know what you find. As a side note, I have seen some aftermarket flywheels that have the timing trigger miss-aligned or backwards. You can check this as
  5. Thanks chaps. The only other thing it could be down to is the new exedy clutch/fly wheel I had fitted a month or so ago. Reading on google it sounds like it could be a related issue?
  6. Just having a bit of a whinge really to make myself feel better, as I've had two car related nightmares in less than a week. Firstly, last Friday my g/f wrote off our Focus while we were in it. It was just a lapse of concentration on her part but it was a pretty nasty crash. Luckily no one was hurt but both our car, and the car she hit, were written off. Then, this morning, the Zed wouldn't start. It had all the symptoms of a flat battery, so I called the AA. Even with a power pack it wouldn't start (crank was turning fine, but it just wouldn't fire). Initially we suppsed the engine wa
  7. Thye were hopeless when I tried to declare my mods. They seemed to stuggle with the plenum spacer mainly, I explained what it was but when they referred it to their underwirter they said they could no longer insure me. Eventually after much complaining I got them to add it on ot my policy for a hefty premium. That's why I'm now with Sky. I think they are OK for mainstream stuff (wheels, exhausts etc) but anything slightly out of the ordinary seems to bamboozle them. I would add that it doesn;t help that their customer services team are based in India.
  8. Yes, although the propsect of a full chassis replacement puts me off. I'd imagine most of the affordable ones are not in great shape!
  9. It's the Easter holidays, OP must be a bored school child trolling. Either that, or his ability to drive a manual has been severely compromised by driving an automatic for so long!
  10. How much did it cost if you don;t mind me asking? Looks great, something i need to do.
  11. Agreed, I've heard them described as an Aldi TT before, which is a fair description!
  12. My clutch is nearing the end of its life and I need to get it changed. I've been speaking to a local garage (FCM Motorsports, a trader on here) and they are struggling to locate the right parts. They've been told by Nissan that there are three different types of clutch, one for the original MY03 model, one for the MY06 facelift (which is what I have), and another for the 2007+ HR model. Apprently Nissan don't stock the MY06 model clutch any more, and there aren't any aftermarket options! So I'm a bit stuck. Has anyone changed the clutch on a MY06 Zed, and if so what parts did you use?
  13. As a slight aside, it wouldn't suprise me if at some point we see pre-2006 cars selling for more money than post 2006 cars because of the road tax. If you're looking at spending £5k on a car, £460 in tax a year is nearly 10% of your purchase cost. I wonder if the goverment will reassess the bands at some point, probably not!
  14. If this is your first investment, it would make more sense to buy a fund. With dealing costs it just doesn't make any sense to invest £200 in five stocks. You'd need them to rise 5-10% just to break even!
  15. I wouldn't normally post a link to an advert, but this has got me absolutely drooling. How I wish I had £15k buring a hole in my back pocket! http://classifieds.pistonheads.com/classifieds/used-cars/datsun/z-cars/datsun-240z-datsun-240z--superb/752662
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