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*** TORQEN *** TORQEN S wheel spacers - IN STOCK!


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any news on when these will arrive? getting excited :teeth:


Bump for this. However in the opening post it states August so fingers crossed thats still the case.



oh ok I missed the delivery due date, I think just had eyes on the prize ;)

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Right let me give this a go...


So I've already got 20mm in the rears and as I've heard about scrub radius I wanted to fit narrower spacers on the front and got 15mm's. Here's some before and afters:








Post-spacer (sorry about dark pics)








Hope this works!

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Just want to say Adrian.

Parts have arrived. Mrs neglected to tell me.

I think shes trying to stunt my Zeditius


I will grab a few snaps when I'm home.

Really looking forward to getting these on the Zed, this was the only visual upgrade I was going for but I can feel a new bumper coming on....

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Can I ask a dumb question, how do these go on the car. Do the holes go over the current bolts and then get screwed on and the wheel then sits on the new bolts on the spacer and you use your original nuts?? Are they strong enough and does it do anything to the ride apart from sticking out the arch a bit more?



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There are holes in the spacers which the current bolts/studs from the hub go into, the spacers come with nuts that then fasten over these to make them secure. The spacers have their own bolts/studs attached which your wheel then goes and you tighten with your existing wheel nuts ... if that makes sense?


Thats if you go 20m and bigger, any smaller and there is not enough material thickness so you have to get the type with holes and longer bolts to pass through.


Mine arrived by the way, very well wrapped up!


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