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*** TORQEN *** 370z TORQEN Engine bay Titanium hardware kit


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40 high quality bolts, nuts and washers made from 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium which provides exceptional high tensile strength, is corrosion resistant and makes the fastners be ultra light weight. The whole kit is approx 200g only. Titanium has extremely high corrosion resistance and will not corrode like aluminum and stainless steel when in contact with mild steel. The Grade 5 Titanium bolts have been tested to be stronger than Grade 8 stainless steel bolts.


In this kit we've also included the 4 strut bar bolts and 2 large nuts for a complete solution.


The kits are available in 6 different finishes: burnt titanium, black, gold, purple, blue and natural/polished colour and they replace most visible bolts and nuts in the 370z engine bay area, with the bolts featuring a custom designed head, different than any standard bolt on the market.


The kits will come with detailed installation guide for easy fitting and with lifetime warranty against any possible defects or corrosion. In stock, ready to ship.


LINK - https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/370z/body-styling/exterior/1666-370z-torqen-engine-bay-titanium-hardware-kit-trq-z34tib.htm










































More photos to follow shortly.

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Which finish?

Burnt Ti or gold. Some might say gold is weird, but it'd go well with my currently gold heat wrapped Stillen Gen3 CAI.

Btw, Adrian, you reckon gold heat wrapping the AAM TT aluminium pipings would lower heat soak or is the intake charge anyway too hot to make a difference?


How is the 350Z TT install coming along? When you gonna need my 370Z? :D

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Both in stock, burnt or gold Titanium. :)


Intakes should be cool, no problem. On my TT install, I've heat wrapped the manifolds which helped a bit. You could also do the down pipes.


Stillen SC kit install first, 350z HR TT kit after, 350z DE SC kit next, 370z TT kit (your turn if you're serious :D )

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Good progress buddy and yes I am serious about the TT kit :yahoo:

Heat wrapping the exhaust manifolds, good plan. I've got some spare Titanium heat wrap lying around.

Is heat wrapping the downpipes still advisable when they're cat'ed? May heat retention stress the HFCs? May they prefer getting cool air, or is this no issue with post turbo (i.e. heat has already been absorbed by turbo) ??

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