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*** TORQEN *** 370z TORQEN Engine bay Titanium hardware kit


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15 hours ago, Adrian@TORQEN said:

@V1H René please post some pics here after installing your kit! :teeth:


Yes will do!
Woa, the bolts arrived the next day! You're unbeatable, and thx again for the beautiful b-day gift!! :yahoo:

Gonna install them later today.
They are mindbogglingly lightweight, just 193.3 g the entire 40-piece set !!!!!!!!!
Sooooo gorgeous to look at :throb: 


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Here the promised photos after installation.

Btw, weight saving is one third, the Titanium fasteners feel a lot harder and stiffer when tightening. Once tight, there is so much less flex felt in the wrench/ratchet than tightening steel fasteners!

One thing worth noting, the Titanium bolts and nuts have different 'head types', which one should be prepared for, as follows (maybe worth mentioning on the Torqen page?):

                 |   OEM    |     Ti kit        

M10 bolt |  14mm  |  H8 (Allen)

M10 nut  | 14mm   |  15mm

M8 bolt   |  12mm  |   H6 (Allen)

M8 nut    |  12mm  |   13mm

M6 bolt   |  10mm  |   H5 (Allen)






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