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I'd echo doogy's comments. I came to the Z after an 06 Range Rover Sport supercharged with 78k on the clock. All I can say is it was an insane vehicle. I had the itch too...   When looking at range'

My boss just got an 06 Vogue 4.something.......SUPERCHARGED. AWESOME! Only paid £12k since it had 100k on the clock. The previous owner had just replaced the front 2 air suspension struts and comp

Range Rover Sport   End of, perfect accompany for a 350z

Chris we'll have to get a photo shoot set up for those of us with a zed n RRS lol ;-)


Have you still got your Zed too? Awesome.


Im looking forward to taking a pic of mine on the drive actually.... with the Range behind and the Zed infront. Might be a bit hard to setup though, as we can only drive 1 car at a time :lol: :lol:

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That's totally badass man! Loving the rims on the Range. Not sure what to do with mine yet... will probably keep them standard for the time being.


Not arranged the cars in anyway at all, just plonked on my drive, but here's some (filthy) pics.









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