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19" Black Staggered ACE 132 Alloy Wheels for Standard 18" Rays


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I have made the decision to put the car back to standard so first to go are the wheels. The wheels need to be run with spacers to get the correct look so if all goes well they will be sold with the wheels, they are eibach spacers and are worth £150 alone second hand.




Front: 8.5J ET43 + 25mm spacer = ET18 - 245/35/19 Falken FK452 5.5/6mm of tread remaining

Rear 9.5J ET38 + 20mm spacer = ET18 - 275/35/19 Falken FK452 5mm remaining


The rear wheels have a much larger dish than the fronts, giving the perfect staggered look. The tyres are the perfect OEM size for 19" wheels and are the spec that came with the Nismo wheels as standard.


If i was to sell the wheels i would be looking for £850 including the spacers but i am wanting a swap for standard Rays in good condition + money my way (This amount will change depending on condition of Rays). The rays must be in good condition with mid range or premium tyres in OEM sizes. The tyres must be the same brand/model on each axle. Tyres need at minimum 4mm of tread.


The swap can either happen at my house in Reading or a local garage.














Bad Points:


Only one wheel is curbed (Front left), this has been touched up so is only noticeable when you are very near or cleaning the wheel. All wheels have minor corrosion near the tyre valve, the corrosion has not broken the paint and has not made it near to the dish of the wheel.


Any questions please ask.





*Mods if you want my name next to one of the wheels please let me know and i can get the post updated*

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Thanks for the link guys :) it's just the tyres that put me off.


If I was viewing a Zed and I saw the owner had put on budgets I would wonder what else he had scrimped out on.


Will check out prices of part worns ;)

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