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do you know this car ?


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we used to have a forum on the MLR for people who wanted to buy evos, or wanted to know perhaps there history where you could post a picture and reg and ask if anyone new what mods etc had been done, sometimes stopped people being ripped off, or encouraged folk to buy because the previous owner was either well known on the forum or had history with the forum, i realise it could be open to abuse but in my case i would love to find ouyt what a prevoius owner had done to mine, just a thought guys :blush:

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As this is a public forum, we don't encourage people posting up full number plates.


What happens is a new member may post up saying he is looking at some cars.

Established members generally ask for links to the cars and then we tell them if the car is known.


This system works well, and can't be abused in a way that a dedicated sub forum with full car details and reg numbers could be by outsiders.

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obviously i hadnt thought about the security aspect but the exhaust seems after market, and on the MLR you could sometimes find the mod history and if you were really lucky exchange info with the previous owner, when the weather improves and its clean, i will get some pics up guys :D

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