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  1. yep shes genuine UK version with full GT pack
  2. OK guys for those that were interested, back for sale DVLA finally allocated new number, unfortunately they appear to have "mislaid" my personal plate retention number of you wish to HPI check it is LS 53 YAO, thanks
  3. OK guys been on to DVLA and they reckon 10 working days, i realise that distance is a problem with some guys, so if anyone requires pictures of anything specific, just let me know see below for some pictures of interier i would say passenger seat is 10/10 and drivers is 8/10, their are also some small scratchs on the pop out where the sat nav would be, but then again i am fussy
  4. Right guys thanks for all the interest shown, I'm afraid the sale is now on a temporary hold until DVLA get their finger out and sort out the retention, i have been advised that if i sell the car the plate becomes the property of the new owner, dont want to risk it ,will update and put it back out there as soon as Swansea get their act together, thanks for understanding
  5. yep just down the road funnily enough been working today at Clayton hall very near you, yep I'm in Saturday, Sunday I'm away early doors and don't expect to be back much before 2200, family gathering, so Saturday is fine, don't know if you've noticed in the advert about my private plate, still haven't got new log book back fro DVLA, so that would be a problem in the sale, Il PM you my mob number
  6. Cheers mate TBH the amount of interest has surprised me, only applied to DVLA Monday to keep private plate and get original one back, anyone know how long this usually takes not sure how i stand if i sell it with plate still on does that become new owners ?, or would i be better waiting until DVLA send change and logbook ?
  7. DRLs sold pending payment guys thanks for all the interest shown
  8. Hassan mate payment received, will post this evening if i can get to post office
  9. cheers veilside always nice when some one other than yourself thinks the car looks good, been an absolute pleasure to own, all good things come to an end Oversteer im in Lancaster top end of Lancashire where the M6 is still cobbled and we all have whippets and race pigeons LOL
  10. D1 sold to Hazzam will update thread
  11. Hazzan has first dibs mate, but if it falls through your next in line
  12. wasnt having a pop guys really really appreciate the work you folks do, its too easy to jump on admins back when something goes wrong so im posting up kudos to you guys, i know most of the problems were self inflicted and for that i apologise
  13. As title guys tried to place adverts on saturday, one for Z sale one for parts, because im stupid the admin team quite rightly told me to redo advert with better pictures and correct username, neither advert has appeared and im just wondering how i contact whoever scans them before they are posted so i can see what the problem if any is, thanks in advance for any info
  14. Hi guys second attempt at posting these items the dinosaur is nearly computer illiterate First off set of DRL lights for pre-facelift Z, bought these from an Australian trader whos advert didnt say that they would only fit standard bumper not nismo, excellent bit of kit was going to colour code them or carbon wrap cost £110 plus customs so £ 75 with P&P or make an offer SOLD SOLD1 throttle controller overides factory restriction on how much throttle you can get in each gear, not needed as mine has up rev remap which overides factory settings again think i payed £110, so £50
  15. sorry guys my user name on other forums is terrymac, getting old causes confusion didnt realise how poor photos were i will take some and resend the advert if thats OK guys, how can i delete my original advert ?
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