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I've only had my Z for 3 weeks.


Got my plenum spacer fitted at RS today and then got the Uprev reflash.


First Dynorun at stock was 279.3. Pretty much stock spec.


After plenum spacer was fitted, the next run was 289.9. I was pretty chuffed because I thought that I may reach 300 with the reflash. Paul had not seen those gains before purely on a spacer fitted.


However, with the reflash, we only got to 293.2 despite Paul's best efforts.


But the real difference is with the driving. I can feel that extra power through the gears and as a nice dressing on the deal, it's deepened the engine growl.


When Paul took me for a drive to test it out, he told me that the pulsing I could feel on the brakes was a warped disc. I'm glad he told me as I thought it was normal for a Z and I mistook it for a zealous ABS system. He recommended contacting the dealer as it's obviously still under the statutory 3 month warranty. Whether the dealership will contest it or not, I don't know, but they must have known about the discs.


If you're reading this Paul, thanks! Top job! And thanks to Spekky for fitting the spacer. Love to know why he's called Spekky as he doesn't wear glasses!


This mod thing can get addictive. :) I'm wondering what I can do next to take it over 300.

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