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  1. That looks more like a cockpit with all those gauges!!
  2. Mr 420z must have very deep pockets, great work!!
  3. Has it got a whole new dash as well with a digital screen??
  4. Have they got the standard 17" wheels on the trailor as well? Look very similar if they aren't!!
  5. Probably because everything was getting quieter and quieter everyday!!!
  6. thats great to know, I want to have my K2 adjusting slightly. Although mine doesn't stick out further than the other side its sat a little lower and on the left as you are looking at the rear. Was it an expensive fix?
  7. Looks like Mitch's, I just remember the wheels!!
  8. I was just about to say that I am surprised all the photos are with the bonnet down but then saw the last couple!!!!
  9. Looks great mate. Love the kit and in the process of having it fitted to my Roadster. is there something between the front bumper and the bonnet? Seems like a white line. Got any more pictures of it?
  10. Weston Performance 2003 JDM Raodster VQ35DE K&N Typhoon and thats your lot so good bench mark for standard 268.9BHP ATF 270ftlb TQ



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