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  1. Car is now sold, first person who came to look at it took it. Mods can you please lock thanks.
  2. Haha, well if you're after a roadster you couldn't go far wrong with this one. Doesn't need anything doing to it and you a stunner.
  3. My 2003 Nissan 350z Roadster import for sale. A great summer sports car for someone now the summer has officially started. Standard details: 2003 (53 plate) Roadster 3.5 V6 29k miles Bose 6 CD stereo (doesn't skip) rare roadster electric heated seats Electric mirrors Electric roof Falken 452 tyres all round with lots of tread Taxed until Feb 2013 (only £215 per year) MOT until March 2013 Full service history and only ever used 350z specialist in my ownership Addition extra's information: Full replica Veilside body kit 2007 bonnet with bulge (painted both sides) Coupe lip spoiler (from spoiler depot in the states) 20" multi-spoke alloy wheels (colour coded to car) Touch screen Sat Nav behind auto cubby Nismo gear stick ESB ultimax grooved discs (approx. 3k miles) Yellow stuff pads (approx. 3k miles) LED front reflectors LED side Zed badges Full custom colour coded engine bay JapSpeed Y pipe and exhaust K&N Typhoon air filter Plenum spacer UpRev tune from Abbey Motorsport (approx 300bhp) Think that's everything but could have forgotten something!! Car is immaculate and only ever used in summer (only good weather) and garaged in winter. Never missed a beat and only ever had to have battery replaced. I have lots of original parts (inc bumpers and skirts) so can easily be put back to standard if you so wish and sell on additional items. Only ever used quality cleaning products, you won't be disappointed with this car. Now the big detail, price. £7,800 ono. Looking on the autotrader this is pitched at similar mileage cars but you get all these extras included. Very reasonable price for a car guaranteed to turn heads. Just been to Le Man and it grabbed just as much attention as supercars. PM me if interested. Now for the pictures:
  4. I got loads at the British welcome and I think it was the cheapest car in the show. I only saw two other Zed's, one UK and one French. I also passed the Delta Wing team convoying back to the UK and then were beeping and filming me.
  5. I have just got back from Le Man and stayed in a chalet in Spay. It was better than camping for facilities etc and far enough away from the track to get some proper sleep. Its not too far to drive to Mulsanne's corner, Arnage or the village so the better option for me as I'm not a fan of camping. I was just about to leave Mulsanne when Anthony Davidson had his spectacular crash.
  6. I'm traveling down and taking the tunnel. Setting off Tuesday and having an overnight stay in Rouen and then arrive in Le Man on Wednesday.
  7. Is that not an MOT failure now though? It will be an MOT failure under the new rules as discussed on here. If the car has headlight washers as standard then they must be working otherwise its a failure.
  8. I'd be very surprised if you could get two sets of clubs in roadster with the size of the newer bags. You wouldn't get a trolley bag in on its own and my standbag complete fills it and I can only just get my driver in beside it.
  9. You have to take the driver out of the bag and place it in the boot seperately buy you can fit a standbag in there no problems. Mine even had a little picture of how to fit a golf bag into the boot.
  10. I don't think the JapSpeed Y pipe is bad, I have one on my car and no fitment issues at all. With JapSpeed it was mainly their K2 exhuast (although I also have that on my car and not really an issue) and their customer service that has gotten them their bad reputation. I think a popular y pipe is the XYZ though, sure the traders will be able to provide these or suggest alternatives. Try the usual: CS, ZMANALEX, Tarmac, R35LEE, Abbey, Horsham etc (sorry I missed anyone off, not intentional). They will give you good options and prices. I understand your beef with Scorpion but it is a good exhuast and you may have just got some bad attitude stall guys, the traders will look after you and as said they have replaced exhuasts without too much hassle.
  11. Main issue with the K1 will be bleeding ears, its very loud!!! Scorpion is decent system and quality fitment according to people.
  12. Where about's in the Midlands? I have used a great place in Kenilworth previously.
  13. I'm not Terry's biggest fan but in a way I hope he is found not guilty just so the FA get some egg on their face by losing Capello. We have a good record with Capello and the main points are the FA shouldn't have the right to dictate the captain and Terry shouldn't be punished until he has faced a fair trail. You wouldn't be happy being laid off on someone else's word without fair trail.





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