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  1. Having a clear out and found this. Carbon fibre slam panel. Has a few minor blemishes to the edges which aren't very noticeable and quite hard to photograph! As I don't have a zed to test fit it I can't comment on whether it's an exact fit but I remember thinking it would need the holes enlarging slightly to fit it. £50 delivered
  2. Not had the Zed for a while now and having a clear out I came across this. Very good quality snow foam lance with brass fittings for use with Nilfisk power washers and comes with about 2.5 litres of cherry snow foam. Originally bought from here http://www.cleanyour...s/prod_371.html £25 delivered
  3. This is now on ebay for a bargain price if anyone is interested in it. http://www.ebay.co.u...984.m1555.l2649
  4. Forgot I still had this so here it is for sale. Comes with two large jubile clips for fitting. £45 delivered.
  5. Mmm Nitron Can't wait to see the final results of this!
  6. Well I wasn't paying anything like £1,000 and that was with 3 points, but there are so many variables involved. Age, how long you've been driving, no claims bonus, occupation etc
  7. I live down the road from Hale in Wilmslow and I used Adrian Flux for my insurance. They were by far the cheapest for me and I had a reasonably long list of mods too, all declared and covered.
  8. Had another look and it's not the bulge bonnet. You can clearly see the grooves in pics 1 and 3, also there is no bulge there.
  9. Nope, it has the correct bonnet for the MY06 Facelift Pretty sure 2006 rev-ups had all the other facelift features, but still the grooved bonnet rather than the power-bulge. I think the bonnet goes with the engine rather than the MY as such. DB The MY and different engines go hand in hand. The MY06, or Revup as it's also know has the same grooved bonnet as the MY03 DE engined car, which is what the car in question has so it has the correct bonnet, ie it doesn't have the bulge
  10. Nope, it has the correct bonnet for the MY06 Facelift
  11. £12k is far too expensive for an auto import in my opinion
  12. +1 for the Rays. They're the best wheel for pure performance on the Zed.





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