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Turbo setups shootout: Performance Nissan magazine

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Hi all - Good news..i contacted turbonetics in US regarding any fitting issues - as some of us thought their turbo kits would not be suitable for RHD Z's and they replied below..hope this helps.


"Daron as a 350z owner myself and a avid Z nut I can say I have a customer in South Africa who I sold 3 kits too and the kit fit WITH minor modifications. The ECU flash we have will not work with the EURO or JDM ecu’s since our fuel curve is not the same. I do however know the kit I have is safe on a stock motor as I drive mine daily completely stock. Technosquare here in the US could not flash my customers in South Africa ECU but he did use a Trust or Greddy E-manage with complete success. I also checked the link in your email and came across a turbo thread which claims our kit is not safe on a stock block. The HP gains are 450 CRANK not wheel and I have seen anywhere from 360-390 wheel HP depending on the dyno. I hope this clarifies and confusion and hopefully you can pass this info to your mates on the UK Z forums and I hope to see some of my kits in the UK."


Ed Mendez

Sales / Tech

Turbonetics Inc.

2255 Agate Court

Simi Valley, Ca 93065

Ph: 805-426-3420

Fax: 805-584-1913

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