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    lomoto black large M350ZB 2 black med jonathan73 black large rickya black med Chris`I black med stuey black med Zzzz... black med beavis black large N1SM0350z black med MarkW black med Zedrush small dunker small & large mickj extra large monkeybizz small Pingu2 large Adam@Z1auto ? EBIZED large TheMinel large
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    you don't bother reading even the post above your own, do you?
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    that's if you give me the money for the tickets... been asking for a while mate
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    think we only have black available? Max please confirm.
  6. throttle body is attached to the upper plenum and the intake duct by 4 hex bolts. Originally they are VERY VERY tight so be careful if you try and take them off the first time. I managed to round one at the time
  7. that's a good job Ricky, well done. Stickied and moved
  8. I tried to speak to Brembo men in Italy a couple of years ago, but they kept passing me to other people, then it seemed I'd found the guy who was responsible for the calipers.... and I never managed to get in contact with him Gus tnx for the info, I need some too
  9. I'd add "neutral" where 1 member has had good experiences and one member has had bad experiences (or an equal number of members for that matter_)
  10. my experience with them has been quite poor , instead they put THIRTY miles on my Z to diagnose a transmission whining, which they then said it was normal. NOT impressed.
  11. Lockwood and Greenwood in Ashton -u-Lyne are quite good, , well the best I found in the Manchester area, really, and I've gone to a few of them. Cheapest too, which is a bonus. Can also help you quite proactively with warranty issues
  12. moved to Modifications: performance. Please post your tyre reviews here
  13. this will most likely apply to highly modified Zs with many more ponies than stock, and that are actually used a lot on the track, 1/4 mile and generally abused. So in the Uk only the Sumo Z probably.



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