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  1. I know there's a specific start procedure for a warm engine, but mine doesn't like it too much - either that or I'm doing it wrong. In the manual it says something about starting (hot) with the loud pedal depressed..? My Scooby was like this, it's as if the car knows when you are taking it for granted, or getting used to it and likes to give you a mild coronary now and again...
  2. Given that I'm such paranoid Zed owner, I thought I might open this one up to the community Ok, starting the Zed. Normally I dip the clutch, turn they key get a couple of 'chugs' and a whoosh, and all is well. Everything is fine, nice and stable etc. Very occasionally (twice this month) The Zed has struggled a bit getting going. It actually fires up, and then coughs a bit (the revs drop really low) before eventually settling out and running fine. All of this brown-trouser-facilitating stuff takes place very quickly I have to say. It always seems a bit 'air' related to me (I may be barking up the wrond tree) and it seems like the Zed hasn't enough air to get going. Albeit for a second or two... So, is that normal? (95% of the time it's fine!) I mean, what's other owners start-up consistency like? (for sound, feel, time etc)
  3. I think the OC tried something like this, but it seemed a little more complictated than it needed to be. This thread seems a little easier to run/manage etc. So, Chorley Nissan (Chorley) Ok, fairly mediocre in fact. The service is generally ok, not that brilliant, but acceptable. I've had an ongoing issue with a faulty set of spare keys which they have yet to resolve, although in fairness they have been very accomodating. In summary: Fairly good, but sometimes the attention to detail is lacking. 7/10 could try harder Chorley Nissan (Preston) I can only comment on the sales experience here, but it's very similar to their sister branch. Slightly above average, nothing special. Their handover process was neatly managed, although the chap botched up the switch machine, and so for the next 40 mins I was calling LloydsTSB to find out where exactly my switch transaction had ended up. (talk about a brown-trouser moment) 7/10 could try harder



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