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  1. All on eBay now that my Zed has gone Here's the link if you're interested: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=320239521060&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT&ih=011
  2. thanks again for the comments:) It's good to read the report again to be honest, and given the Zed is being traded in, it makes it all the more poignant in some ways. The trip figures were roughly: (it was a while ago!) 1. Fuel £150 absolute max (all 99ron min) 2. Ferry £85 3. Ring Tickets 60 euros 4. Hotel (Ibis Koblenz) £50 per might inc breakfact IIRC Extras to be considered are: 1. Euro Travel cover £32 ish 2. Light deflectors and Euro plates £30 ish We actually made this into a small holiday, covering lots of the Mosel Valley and surrounding area, which made it a little more expensive. In discussions with some work friends, we think it can be done for £300 with cheap accomodation - cheaper if camping. (also cheaper is you live in the South, we were travelling 300 miles to get to Dover...) It really is one of the best things you can do in a Zed. There's nothing quite like it Even though I'll be entering the Saab domain this month, we'll be there, because it's about so much more than the car in a lot of ways... And, we can bring back so much more beer, sausages etc
  3. Given that the Zed is destined for trade in, I thought I'd take off some of the better bits first Not many, but here you go: 1. Official Zed mats. (Front is 8.8/10 with some indentations around the heel area; passenger 9.5/10 and the boot is a stunning, fairly new 10/10 example) 2. Nissan Valvecaps (the expensive kind that don't rust on! lockable too) 3. Nokia phone cradle thingy - exact model to follow shortly (fairly old Nokia in it at the o which I may/may not unclude if that makes like easier...) I think that's about it Saves me from eBaying them. Bear in mind the mats are really heavy..!
  4. Folks, The end of an era, the Zed is effectively sold... Strangely, I don't feel that bad, and I'm looking forward to a new type of motoring, with all of the challenges that come with it. When we bought the Zed nearly 3 years ago, I always new the a 2 seat GT wouldn't (and couldn't) last forever... all good things and all that. So now that we need something more practical, the Zed is destined to be traded in... I always said that I've never go down the pseudo-sports route, once you've driven Scoobies and Zeds, nothing else feels as quick, or handles as well. So what to go for? Well, if you take sportiness out of the equation, then it's time for something completely different. Something comfortable, with a nice quiet cabin, nice features, decent audio system. Perhaps something that's cheaper to insure, to fuel up, to tax and to maintain. Hmmm... So, with that in mind we've opted for a delivery miles Saab 93 Vector Sport TDI 150. Quite looking forward to taking delivery actually, something completely different for the next few years. I'll post some pics when it arrives... So, thanks to you all for being the greatest forum I've ever been part of (seriously, it's that good). And I wish you all well with your Zeds. I was going to type up my summary of Zedding, as a testament really. But if anyone want to know just how cool a Zed is, and the reason for owning and appreciating one - re-read my ring trip thread - that should sum up the Zed quite nicely... http://www.350z-uk.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=9642&highlight= It's been a blast! K ps. I'll still be around if you'll have me ps2. Yes, I'll be sticking my 'Kuro Black' plates on the Saab as a mark of respect for the 'beast'
  5. Although it's probably no big deal, I'd always get it checked. You can do this yourself if you're far from the dealer. There's a process somewhere on the net that involves a stopwatch and mashing of the gas pedal in a certain sequence, this will then give you a code which you can look up. Better to get it diagnosed I reckon. Also bear in mind that there are two levels of MI light, constant on means you can still dive the car. It's the flashing variety that means stop the engine... I've had three lights in three years, all of which were O2 Sensors. Front L, then R, then both rears
  6. These guys sound like complete morons, but: refusing to pay won't go down well and won't help, it's not legal and won't look good if things go further. I'd pay for the labour, but not the parts, as you abviously didn't need them. Get your orginals back. And of course they were worn, even if they were a week old, they'd be worn - morons. *Ask them for a written report of the failure and the old parts back* Write everything down, as best you can - create a log. This sounds like a complete pain, but it won't take long, and will *really* help you if you take this further. I'd also be mentioning: 1. Trading Standards 2. AutoExpress and the like 3. Small claims court 4. You'll be reporting them to Nissan GB Don't let them do anything else with the car, take it somewhere else and explain your situation fully - they may be interested in getting your business, plus you can get there technical opinions and use these to build your case against the crap dealer... Talk to Nissan GB as well. All in all - don't giove up on this one - you have been creamed and this sort of thing not on. Good luck.
  7. Surprising thread this, as the collective voice seems to be to go with the non GT over the GT. I tended to think I was in the minority with my non GT as well
  8. Kuro

    Fuel questions

    My return trip to work is 18 miles, which is 95% motorway. Doing this for a few weeks and interspersed with some town stuff here and there gets me 350 as a bare minimum. The Zed rarely gets into town/city scenarios for long, and certainly not everyday. Usually, I'm dissappointed not to make 400 miles from a tank Introducing another factor into the discussion (sorry!) is that for the same scenario, normal unleaded would get slightly less. (between 20 and 40 miles per tank depending on the nature of the driving. I always brim the tank, and the light is always on when I fill up.
  9. Kuro

    Fuel questions

    Agreed. I can easily get more than 400 miles during a motorway cruise, in fact I got nearer five on the way back from the Ring last year. (seriously effective aeroynamics on the Zed) If I have a 'poor mpg month' and spend lots of time queueing, and driving around towns and cities, I usually get sub 350. In the summer (and hence usually more enthusiastic, a bit less!) I find the Zed to be hugely economical for what it is, however, you need to be driving to it's eco strengths (i.e. the motorway) to realise the economy.
  10. I'm thinking about this too - I sometimes get a slight crack from the rear, as if I've just driven over a small twig or something..? But then, I always tend to get cracks and creaks from the rear, especially when reversing out of the drive, and onto the road. (slighly different heights etc) Still under warranty for another 18 months (extended) so not too worried just yet
  11. It's a diary, for just 24hrs... It was given out as promo material for the Zed a couple of years ago. It was a ticket to a 24hr test drive really...
  12. Trial and error is the only way to fix these things. I will say however that it can be pretty difficult to pinpoint on your own, take a passenger and get them to do all of the work for you..! The only other way around this one, it's extreme, but it may be the only cure for the rattly Zed 1. Purchase 47 cans of expanding foam. 2. Fill the entire cabin area and boot with expanding foam 3. Book a month off work 4. Now spend time carving out a seating position, a porthole to look through, and perhaps even some luggage space. It's the only way to be sure
  13. For anyone who didn't get one first time around..! Here you go: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll? ... :IT&ih=011
  14. Have you thought about a Saab - by far the most comfortable car I've ever driven - really nice. It's probably what I'll look to next, as being a petrolhead in the UK is getting very difficult indeed. And besides, I'd hate to have some half-hearted sporty saloon thing - it's all or nothing for me next time around. You are quite right about the VW range though, you get nothing for your money. Having recently driven both the Jetta and the Passat they are terribly equipped. The Mondeo range is pretty well equipped, and the Ghia X seats are lovely Last of the line models should be cheap now. I had an A4 S line for a while, that was nice but hugely expensive for what it really was. Have you looked at the Honda Accord, or maybe the Mazda 6?
  15. Kuro

    Which oil?

    My local dealership uses Texaco Havoline 5w 40 if I remember correctly. Seems fine, never had any problems. I think it's semi synth, or maybe fully - can't quite remember Before that they were using Shell Helix stuff - fully synth





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