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Steering wheel column markings


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Hello, saw this stamp near ignition on my Jim 350z, any ideas what it means?

thought it was for raising / lowering steering wheel but L R wrong way round?


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At a guess it is to do with the indicator/lights lever but not sure why that side. Down for right indicator, up left. Pull towards yourself for head light flash or ‘pass’. Middle position for low beam and forward for high!

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On 08/05/2024 at 08:20, STmichael said:

So are the indicators and lights on the RH lever in a JDM car?

Yes they are. They are RHD but the indicator and windscreen stalks are the opposite way around to the UK setup.

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And is the preferred way for RHD cars as leaves left hand for gear changing.

UK used to be like that but then we got "standardised" by Europe and b*gger the RHD UK market...

Now we're too small a market to have UK Spec variant....

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