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Timing chain tensioner

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A quick DIY is to remove the small front main timing chain inspection plate.


The part of the tensioner that comes in contact with the chain slipper should protrude no more than 12 mm.


It is controlled via oil pressure.


Another common issue is the main timing chain slipper can fail.


There are 3 chains in all.


P0014 & P0024 without engine light. Nissans recommends replacing the timing  chain. - Servicing - 350Z & 370Z UK

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17 hours ago, Coz@TORQEN said:


If you're opening the timing cover anyway, depending on the mileage, it would make sense to do the full kit in my opinion. 



That looks reasonable thanks, what am I looking at for labour ?.

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6 hours ago, Adam350zzz said:

That looks reasonable thanks, what am I looking at for labour ?.



Somewhere like let's say Horsham Development charges £79.99 + VAT per hour, timing depends on how experienced the garage is so it's worth phoning about and getting some quotes. Minimum I'd say 8-10 hours as most of the front end needs to come off to have space to work.


The more experienced, the more they'll charge but it'll be done quicker. The less experienced, you might save money per hour but if they have no idea what they're doing, you'll end up being charged extra hours. As I said, it's best to phone about. 

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