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Newbie and what do you think of this?

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Hi, I'm Neil, 45 and live near Leamington in the Midlands. I've been a bit fan of Nissan's since working at the Sunderland plant many years ago.

I enjoy working on project cars, especially engine rebuilds. My previous cars have been an xr3i, Pulsar GTIr tuned to 320bhp, R56 Copper S and last year was a focus ST.

I've been after a 350z project car for ages but they never come up.

Anyway, I came across this in eBay, maybe it's one of your cars.

Just wondering what you think of worth now and once it's rebuilt?



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There’s a meet near Leam on Sat 14 Oct at the Piston Club (B49 6NQ) 10-2.


I’m sure there will be folks there if you want to meet some local owners.

(Possibly not in your 350z if it’s being stripped down though 😉)

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It finally arrived yesterday and it's better then i expected!

 Drove off the trailer into the drive and it sounded great, but i suppose knocking is more noticeable when the engine is hot.

I'll create a new thread detailing how the rebuild is going,



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