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pre track service


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Hi off to Combe JDM in July and have a few jobs to do before to feel happy before taking on track,


Engine oil change and filter, this was done by previous owner last August and less then 3k ago and oil looks like new, although high pressure readings has gotten me a bit nervy so will change, am going to drop oil pan and just have a check etc, also will fit a magnetic drain plug, was looking at Greddy one but I noticed that  the TS one says its single use are they all single use ?


Then gearbox oil, am using the Nissan oil + molyslip, did Diff oil when I had the subframe off so thats good


Lastly brake fluid followed by 4 wheel alignment

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I really wouldn't bother taking off the sump, what's the concern with the warm oil pressure? Has the gauge gone up recently.


Magnetic sump plugs aren't single use.


Brake fluid change and wheel alignment are a great shout and providing you have plenty of brake wear material left a session or two at JDM Combe won't trouble them too much in terms of wearing out.


Lower tyre pressures on the day to around 26psi and you're good. Be sure to hook up the dash cam too.


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hi yes, warm oil pressure used to peak at 90, suddenly it started peaking at 120 max when pulling and dropping back to 70-80 when cruising, this just seemed quite a bit higher then what it was doing, however coming back the pressure did seem to return to previous readings 90 max on pulls, just read about checking sump for any possible reasons for blockages


thanks for other tips👍

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Cruising oil pressure seems about right and warm idle should be around 15-20psi on idle. If you have a blockage, the warm idle pressure would be above spec also. If the oil filter looks like a cheap one, chances are the oil used will also be cheap. For the costs, I would change the oil and filter for peace of mind. Fuchs, Castrol Edge or Millers are all good oils *C3

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upon inspection there is a crack in my sump pan that has been repaired with gasket sealant, this has started to leak very slower so I will look to repair and probably replace later in year, inside sump no signs of anything blocking the pick up, there was already a mishimoto magnetic plug that was clean, although inside sump was a few metallic bits which seemed to be stuck to pan away from drain plug so hopefully its old stuff 🤞


Oil was ready for changing and oil filter is a blue point one which I have never heard of or can find on google






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