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PPF offer from Top Wrapz Ltd


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Hi everyone 


Those of you that know me and have seen my car know I'm very particular about paintwork and for a none garaged daily driver she's very clean. Following on from a front end refresh last month, I had the bumper and front part of the wings PPF'd to help protect my investment as we all know the 350z and 370z are prone to stone chips.





Suntek Reaction is their flagship PPF film with 12 year warranty. SunTek's own template, so no cuts are made on the car.




SunTek Reaction is a completely reinvented product that merges the super hydrophobicity* of ceramic coating with premium, self-healing paint protection film. This advanced two-in-one construction keeps your finish looking like it rarely sees the road, thanks to impressive protective benefits. 


Offer price for front bumper £375inc vat and free partial wing PPF too as it's a high impact area for forum members. Normal price would be £490 for these sections.


No stone/rock chips

No road rash

No bug etching

No swirls

No scratches


Top Wrapz Birmingham - 07930515600




The gloss and clarity is unreal!! Really happy with it and should look the same for years and years 😁



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1 hour ago, HEADPHONES said:

As Mr Kipling would say




With CRAZY water behaviour!! 🤯


7 minutes ago, GranTurismoEra said:

good prices. People were charging £1500 for bonnet bumper and wings. Either way worth it especially in winter with Salt stones


It's a mega price with the warranty too. If I was to look at 2 cars of similar age, mileage and condition one had PPF and the other didn't - I know which one I'd buy.



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