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Another W brace question :-(


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Hi it seems the W brace is a common topic and I have searched other threads already but thought I would ask anyway so here goes, the W brace on my car is shot very surprised it passed MOT ! Anyway I bought a brace from TarmacSportz but it is fouling on my aftermarket exhaust (I think it's bigger 3 inch), I tried making some spacers to fit between the front fittings which lifted the brace away by a few mms but not enough and exhaust still knocks against brace, I see no way of adjusting the exhaust and don't want to add more spacers, so need to do something with brace, my options I think are,

1. Adjust the tarmacsports brace to fit by cutting/grinding away the front edge until no longer catches, problem I have with this I don't really like idea of grinding away a structural brace although I doubt taking a few mms off would make a difference, but not sure how much I would have to take off, plus if this doesn't work I doubt I could sell on the new modified TS brace 😞

2. Do away with TS brace although, which I could probably sell as never used, and fit OEM W brace, I don't know if the non-OEM braces actually improve on the OEM brace in terms of life or performance

3. Lastly get a new brace fabricated based upon TS design but altered to accommodate larger exhausts, maybe make cross member curved a bit like OEM W brace, or just move cross member back a bit, Im guessing TS brace is regular mild steel looks about 4mm thick so material should be easy to source, and then take CAD model to laser cutting service, I think material about £100 no idea how much to cut, probably expensive for single brace, but thinking if anyone else interested costs would reduce if say could make 4 or 5 out of same sheet of steel

Have attached a few pictures of ideas, Im not a engineer so cant say if these would affect performance etc, end of day I'm not driving car on edge every day so just need something no worse than OEM that hopefully lasts a few years





modified 350z_w_brace_coated.jpg

TS 350z_w_brace_coated.jpg

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Going to move this to group buy as think there may be enough interest, but am conscious that everyone's after market exhaust may have slightly different fitment so what fits mine may still catch someone else's .. but happy to investigate possible designs further if enough interest

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Spoke with TS not much they can do as i expected, they did say they have fitted 100s of these including to those with after market 3" systems, so its something to do with my custom system which seems to have been custom made by Infinity exhausts.  Still looking at having a brave made is feasible I have mocked up a prototype and fitted but not sure if still enough clearance, there's more clearance on OEM brace due to its depth and design, some reasons pictures seem to attached upside down😀





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