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HFC degradation


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I fitted Cobra HFC's just over 3 years ago and I've just been told by my local Nissan dealership that they have degraded and are responsible for the EML that's recently appeared. In 3 years I have done approx 15k miles and the car has been dealer serviced every year so it seems somewhat soon for the cats to break down. Has anybody else experienced similar problems? 

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I had an issue with my berk HFC's. The catalyst inside them came loose and I had to replace them after about 2.5 years albeit with heavy use but still very disappointed as they're meant to be a quality items, maybe I was just unlucky.


Not exactly the same issue but it did cause a multiple cylinder misfire code. 


Would definitely expect a set to last longer then yours have. Try clearing the code to see if it comes back. Only way to see if they have had it is to remove them and take a long in them and give them a bit of a shake.


Also worth checking the gaskets on the manifold end aren't blowing

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Thanks for the info. I've tried clearing the code but the eml comes back on after a few miles. I don't think the gaskets are blowing but that's certainly worth checking. The strange thing is the car was mot'd in May and passed the emissions test without a problem, so somethings gone wrong pretty quickly. 

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Have you tried using spacers? It's a bit odd that it's only happened after 3 years / 15k miles but they can come on randomly after installing HFC. I'd try using some O2 Sensor bung spacers to see if that'll help removing the EML light:




If that doesn't work, the EML light may need to be mapped out or you're experiencing some sort of issue with the cats. 

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