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What is this button on the inside of my Center armrest compartment?


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Does anyone have any idea what this little button is/does on the inside of my center armrest storage compartment. It doesn't look retrofitted because it's so neat and tidy. My car is a 2004 JDM imports (with leather electric seats spec) 





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Could literally be anything. Assuming it does nothing when you push it (checked lights etc?), then assume it was for an accessory that has now been removed and disregard it. Trace the wiring and remove if you’re minded to do so. 

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57 minutes ago, Cornwall-Bow said:

haha I've already had the "wife ejector button" conversation with my other half! 

That’s an easy conversation to have. It’s when you tell her it’s the Emergency Mistress Ejector Button that things get a bit more awkward…

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