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350z servicing

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Hi all


 Hoping you can help me in answering a question that doesn’t look to have been answered for a while - where is good to get my 350z serviced?

it’s a 2004 with 91k miles and I’m in Bucks but happy to travel. 

I’ll use a stealer, but suspect there are better options. Can anyone recommend anywhere?

I’ve seen Horsham developments and would be willing to travel the 90 mins there if it’s worth it. 

Any ideas??

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Depends what you're after... 

If you want to be overcharged and reccomended a load of repairs (that don't actually need doing) then go to a main dealer. If you want top quality work done from honest, trustworthy guys at a fair price then go to Horsham. 


I've used them every year since I've had my zed and always been thoroughly pleased with their work. 

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