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Tailgate won’t open


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Hi guys after looking online for weeks I still haven’t found anything to help.


After working away from home my car sat for a couple of months without running and I came home to find my battery completely flat.


After jump starting my car and running it the battery is now fine but my boot won’t open for some reason. It was working up until I went away as far as I’m aware. 

I have already tried replacing the plate on the back which has the latch mechanism and also the electrical part for opening the boot.


Has anyone experienced this before, I read on one of the forums that someone had this issue after leaving their car sitting and after changing the battery it fixed the issue for some reason, but £100 on a battery is a bit much if it doesn’t sort the issue.


Thanks for any feedback! 


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When I unplug the cable going to the actuator and test between the cores in the plug I don’t seem to get any voltage.


I assume it goes to the switch first and then from the switch to the actuator? So I would only see voltage if I press the boot switch above the number plate?

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