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370z Akebono 2-Piece Discs

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Hi all,


Just wondering if anyone has any experience and/or recommendations when it comes to 2-piece discs for their Akebono's?


Having had a look online I can see a few decent options but the prices seem to be through the roof in a few cases.


The Z1 kit looks to be a fairly reasonable price coming in at a little over $1000 or so for 4 discs but I can't seem to find anything in the UK that can come close to that price. More than happy to import them as I figure the total after postage and import tax will probably be around £1200. The Torqen 2-piece discs look to be pretty good as well but I can't seem to find a price for those on the website strangely. Are they still available for purchase? @Adrian@TORQEN


Realistically I don't want to be spending much over the £1100-1200 mark as anything over that and I may as well just buy a K-Sport brake kit at £2.5k as that will include the discs as well as new callipers and I can then no doubt recoup some of that cost by selling my Akebono's, pads and discs.


Any information would be greatly appreciated. And before anyone says, I know that I do not 'need' to upgrade to 2-piece discs, neither do I 'need' the K-Sport kit as the car isn't tracked. It is purely for the fact that I'm powder coating my callipers soon and would like to do something with the bells of the discs as well. Ridiculous I know :lol: But it should look pretty interesting when complete.

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Floating discs look epic! Like you say, not here to get drawn into arguments. The aesthetics of nice discs will hold a person's attention for that little longer. 


My advice is, measure up the alloys and if they are OK with the bigger calipers then get the K Sport set. The stock Akebono calipers are amazing but the headache of finding pads deep enough or discs small enough will drive you crazy. Get the size wrong and the pads won't sit on the discs all the way leaving a ring of surface rust behind and throwing off your hunt for aesthetics. 


If you don't decide to get the whole set, then before you fit the floating discs on, get the disc bells and measure up where the surface rust ring will be from the hub and paint it. Obviously don't go crazy and paint the discs but don't be a fool and let the ring set in else it'll annoy you. Won't be easy sorting it out after the fact either. 


Good luck! 

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@Umster Cheers for your input mate :thumbs: I am leaning towards the K-Sport kit I think. In the grand scheme of things they're not that expensive in comparison to going discs alone so they'll most likely be worth it in the long run. I'd imagine I'll go with the 6-pot 356mm version just to be on the safe side clearance wise. They'll 100% fit with my current wheels but I want to ensure that I won't have any issues if I ever go to 3 piece wheels.

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Just my opinion but I suspect the factory Akebono's could easy be made to perform better than the K-sport kit and with change from your £2.5k


AP racing and PFC do off the shelf rotors in 355x32mm and if it were me I would give Dave at BGdevelopments a call and see about getting him to make up a set of bells for you.




Together with braided hoses, high temp fluid and PFC Z-rated pads would be the perfect fast road set up


Throw is PFC 665 fluid and a set of Pagid RSL29 or PFC 08 pads and it would deal with heavy track use no problem!!



Here's the brackets and bells I had made for my car at BG



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