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USB port connector help


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Hi, replaced my mobile from an iPhone 7 to a Huawei P30 Pro. I used to plug my phone into the USB in the centre console and it would play my music through the head unit. I bought a usb-c cable and plugged it in and the phone charges, but can't play music. Any advice for connecting an android via USB rather than Bluetooth? 


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1 hour ago, Silverthorn said:

When you connected your phone did you set your USB config to 'Media Transfer' rather than 'Charging'? 


I personally always use Bluetooth on my P30 but that'd be my first guess as to why it might not connect correctly. 

Thanks, will try that again. Tried Bluetooth and I can get a connection for either calls or music but not both. 

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In regards to the original post - I think this is something to do with the way Android itself is set up.  Doesn't (for whatever reason) allow for media transfer/playback via the "charge port" (ie. through a USB C/micro USB - will only work via AUX).  Spent ages looking into this a couple years back when I moved from my iPhone to OnePlus as I was having the same problem. 

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Android units come HORIBLY set up and really difficult to find apropriate settings. SETTINGS ARE MOST LIKELY THERE just a nightmare to find. Great unit once properly set up.  I got round this same tunes issue by useing a Flash drive as music storage. Do not use to big a flash  drive. Mine is 32.Gb Go too big a flash drive music skips badly like records . I have a four way USB hub installed to incorperate the stuff I want. Head unit has 2 USB tails. The USB hub still allows music to skip BUT REALLY VERY LITTLE barely noticable.BUT IT HAS THE EXHAUST TO COMPETE WITH TOO ! On a previous Android head unit I used USB splitters COMPLETLY FLAWLESSLY. This new unit will not tolererate splitters AT ALL ! Yet it is same brand and visually identical to the old one. Only a higher spec unit.

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