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Tyre help please


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I've just bought 4 michelin MPS4 after having the same dilemma as you, I really wanted the MPS4S but as we know they don't do the 4S in the 245/40 R19. I even emailed Michelin asking why can you buy them in the USA but not here and their reply was   " we are Europe michelin and know nothing about the USA products and we have no intention of releasing the 4S in the 245/40 R19 in the UK. I spoke to my tyre fitter and he wasn't keen to increase the tyre sizes to 255/35 R19 front and 285/35 R19 rears as he said it would put stress on the diff and flywheel. So opted for the MPS4 in the stock manufacturer sizes....... I have to say they feel fantastic so far. I don't do track days so I doubt that I'll ever get the tyre that hot and worn that I'll notice the difference from the MPS4S lol.

I ordered mine on black circles last week when they had the 10% sale on, so worked out better than the £40 off they normally do for 4 Michelin.


I also run Pirelli P zero on my other vehicle and they slip like mad when cold and wet with TCS kicking in under spirited acceleration. The P zero really needs some heat in them before they start to feel grippy. The PS4 feel grippy right from the off. So with winter soon upon us I went MPS4 instead of the P zero for my 19's. Plus im always dubious when a tyre wins a review test when it was performed on the manufacturers test track for some reason lol.

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