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Heater/Aircon/Fan controls not working

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Originally posted previously.

On 3 occasions now I've started the car (2018 GT Auto) and the aircon/fan/heater controls do not respond.

No buttons work and no on lights.

The actual aircon itself works fine, just from whatever setting it was on when the car was stopped last.


Did it to me yesterday when it was bl**dy hot - not a very pleasant drive home.


Switching off and locking and then unlocking does not work but if you switch off, lock and leave the car for 10mins or so all is fine when you next start.

Anybody else had the same?



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Yes, I had the same yesterday with a minus 5 degree start and a 300 mile journey to do!


I tried re-booting the car a couple of times but nothing worked, so I had to crack on with fingers firmly crossed!


Luckily I had no steaming up at all as some heat was bleeding through the vents. I stopped for a coffee after about 150 miles and started googling the problem without any joy..


I re-started the car and Bingo!, all working 100% again.. weeeeird??!!


Mine is a 2017 manual GT..


Anyone have any thoughts?

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I never had the issue repeat itself - though the car spent most of 2020 sitting on the drive.

For me it was always first start of the day on all occasions it happened.

There must be some reset period because by lunchtime when I could go back to the car, it was back to normal.

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