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Odd rotational noise.

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I noticed this last week & put it down to something sticky on one of the rear tyres, that's kind of how it sounds. It is consistent with road speed too. you can hear it bouncing off the house walls as you're driving around. It doesn't sound like one of the rear corners, but possibly underneath the back of the car. I put the rear end on stands at the weekend & ran it through the gears & the noise wasn't there, but it is when the wheels are on the ground & you're driving. It sounds sort of a rubbery sticky noise I just can't put my finger on.



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Thanks both of you. Definitely nothing stuck in the treads of any of the tyres. They were both off yesterday to do the rear pads (noise was there before that). I've had it up in the air again for a thorough check & nothing is out of place, I just can't put my finger on it. I could understand pin pointing it to a corner, but it sounds underneath the car...:wacko:

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