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Tyre Sensors

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I had my new rims fitted last week and on my first drive in the car today the tyre pressure sensor light came on. Research suggests I need to take the sensors out the valves on the OEM rims and fit them on my new valves and have the sensors reset. Sounds a pain to do now I have the new rims on. Anyone fitted aftermarket rims that can share their experience of this ?

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I had hoped someone more knowledgeable than me would have replied by now.


AFAIK the OEM TPMS sensors affix to the valves so it could be that your new valves are not compatible. It is my belief that if you have the valves and TPMS sensors refitted from your old wheels to your new ones you will be fine as the sensors are currently programmed to your car.


I am sure a decent tyre/wheel shop could advise further.

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