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370z Shortened Steering Knuckle

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Just wondering if anyone has had issues with the top of their upper control arms hitting the inside of the suspension turrets? Mine has started to tap the inside of the turret over bigger bumps in the road.


Here's mine currently (not under compression) :




I have seen some cars over in Japan with RK Racing shortened knuckles but i cannot seem to find anywhere that will stock these!




I've considered having my stock knuckles shortened but I'm yet to find anywhere local to me that can do this. 


Just wondering what other people have done to combat this? and yes, i know i could just raise the car a bit but i just love the look of it and it drives perfectly other than this knock.




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@StormWhite Yeah I know the setup isn't to everyone's taste. By no means a functional setup but I don't plan on tracking this car so its tailored towards just aesthetics. I've had my fun with track cars so this is just something different for me. 


I've always been a big fan of 326power and that style of car hence the aggressive camber settings and excessively low ride height... 


I know it's definitely possible as both these cars are on coilovers - just trying to find someone who can shorten my knuckles for me 





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