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Hi all,


I've decided with Darkside to start supplying rubber tyre letters!

These letters are 25mm high and made from 1.5mm white rubber and will be supplied with glue and free postage within the UK! WOW i hear you say!

They will consist of 4 sets. ie MICHELIN X 4 and will be supplied in the Michelin font...for example. Tyre choices are as follows:






Continental (supplied in Impact font)






As a group buy these will be set at £58 all in! A pretty good saving considering these are sold elsewhere for around £75-£90!


Should you want to add the tyre 'model' such as 'TOYO TIRES and then 'PROXES' just add another £10! 


So, TOYO TIRES and PROXES will cost £68 in this group buy!


Should you want say 'Michelin' twice on each tyre ie 8 logos this will cost £88


Should you wish to create your own text then this is no problem,

You can create a text length of up to 10 letters or less per wheel...for £58! Bargain!

So for example if you decided on 'I LOVE MY MUM' (not that you would of course!) and your friend chose 'I LOVE CATS', both will cost the same price...£58.

These will be supplied in IMPACT font.


I want to get 10 people on this group buy but if i can get 20 I can reduce the cost to £53 per kit.


Pics below!


Thanks for reading and please put your name down below if youre interested in snapping up a set of these!!




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