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Tarmac Sportz Nissan 350z Lightweight Pulley and Belt Kit


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Emailed tarmacsportz yesterday requesting to know if the pulleys are balanced. They responded today to say they were. Probably going with the lightweight option. Having problems with pulley or slack belts squealing it's the second time I've had this problem :ohmy:.

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6 hours ago, zelda said:

I still haven't fitted mine. Love to know what you think if and when you get a set.

Will do buddy it'll be the early part of next month. This month having a body refurbishment and respray...so money tight.

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I was tempted by these the other day browsing on the site, nice to hear they're balanced and my belts are looking worn so might as well have some shiney new pulleys to fit when the time comes too. My only concern would be the potential of alloy to steel binding issues and these ones being hard to get off if they ever need replacing again.

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Just curious to know if anyone has fitted and ran these with no problems? Debating buying a set but confused on why the description says The kit includes water pump pulleys, alternator pulleys and power steering pulleys with no crankshaft pulley? The picture also shows a crankshaft pulley?!

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