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DIY Air Ride Suspension

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So even though I intend to sell my Z this year while all of these restrictions are in place I have been doing all of the little jobs I should have done ages ago 

including refining and simplifying the the air ride control I had some power supply issues when the compressor was running and fitted an extra battery next

to the control unit which solved this but have discovered that a couple of large capacitors work just as well

it used to have a pot to adjust the ride height but i didn't like it so went over to a rocker switch also since I plan on selling I've relocated and refitted the factory amp which I removed because it was in the way of the tank I also plan to fit a led bar graph display to indicate height as I never found an appropriate location for the touchscreen display I've also rewritten the software to improve the height / pressure averaging to stop it making continuous adjustments I'll get some pictures up some time this week


also I get a lot of people contacting me asking for help and information about some of my diy projects via PM instead of replying to posts usually they have no posts and no profile info in the past I have helped but it takes up my time so from here on if you're not contributing to this site then I can't spare you the time


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