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Stepping down as a Trader

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Morning all,


My Trader fees are now due and I've decided that I won't be renewing this time. The main reason is that I'm literally too busy to log into forums most of the time and that's starting to affect my response times to queries, which I'm not happy about.


I've always prided myself on replying to people quickly, but that's starting to slip now as I seem to be almost permanently at work. Hide N Seat is (currently) a one man band so it's not even as if I can delegate PMs and emails to someone else. So a step back from forums generally is the obvious solution, for me at least - that way, I only have a couple of communication lines to watch.


Since I joined this forum, I've met some great people and worked on some superb cars. I've had a hand in at least one award-winning interior (thanks, Mudman) and seen lots of happy faces when customers have collected their motors and seen the transformations in real life. I love that, I really do!


There are a couple of people who are booked in for work and this decision doesn't affect that whatsoever. I'm not ceasing trading full stop, or anything like that; I simply won't be actively advertising on here from now on.


Should anyone need to contact me regarding work they're booked in for, the Facebook page, website and email links all remain very active. I may stay on board as a regular member, but I haven't decided yet.


So I guess that's me done then. It's been a pleasure and thank you again to everyone who's made my time on here as pleasurable and successful as it has been!





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Sorry to see you go Si, the work you've posted up always looks superb and tempting to those of us who've always fancies a custom interior. I find it fascinating reading your posts and projects. It's totally understandable that as a one man band you've got to plan your time accordingly and being really busy is the nicest problem to have! We very much hope you'll be back once you've built your leather and alcantara empire! Good luck mate.


I hope you'll still find time to swing by the place every now and again.

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Hi Si,


No worries and completely understand mate.  I hope everything goes well in the future and that you'll still pop on every now and then to the forum and say hello.



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Always been very impressed with your work Si and sorry to see you stepping down as a Pro Trader on here but totally understandable. 


Atb for the future and don't be a stranger. :thumbs: 


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