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New tyres

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Hi All


I am after 4 new tyres for my Nismo 2015 - I have searched high and low and read so many reviews I've lost my mind, I want some that are solid for general use, I dont hammer it frequently but nice to have the option. ideally want to spend around £700, anyone got some recently/ any help gratefully received.

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Id say MPS4S though not available in front size required. MPS4 are however had a look on Tyreleader see pic below for price without fitting. 




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Having just had my first service at 7000 miles, they reckon the following for my tyres - I don't know how cause I don't drive it that hard IMO and half that mileage is motorway!

              IN     MID    OUT

N/S/F    6.0    6.0     5.0

O/S/F    6.0    6.0     5.0

O/S/R    4.0    4.0     4.0

N/S/R    3.0    3.0     4.0


At this rate I'll be getting some nice tasty MPS4S by the end of the year, or use it as a man logic to trade for a new car xD


Best Price I've found so far for 265/30/19 and 305/30/19 is about £925 + fitting

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