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StopTech & Hawk Review

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As they've been on the 370 for just over 1k now, thought I'd do a review of my new discs and pads. It took my a lot of researching and reading to choose, so hopefully this will help somebody along the way!


I went for StopTech Slotted Rotors, and Hawk Performance Ceramic Pads to replace the OEM set up that I'd had on the car for 18 months and about 10k miles. The standards were on the car when I bought it, and I found them to be OK, but when pushing the car, they overheated quite quickly and weren't as sharp as I'd want them to be, so opted for the upgrade.


I did quite a long bedding in process, probably double what Adrian (Torqen) advised, but it's certainly something that has to be done. Luckily, there's an airfield local to me that has a nice long service road, so I headed there and did my bedding in. First time on Ceramic pads, I was grateful for Adrians advice. Bedding process was fine, nice and smelly!


Drove gently for 500 miles to make sure they were fully bedded and no warps etc, and could then "drive" the car.


I've just about got used to the setup if I'm perfectly honest. Cold braking is about a par with OEM, but when pushing the car in a more spirited fashion, and when breaking heavily, they are in a different league! There's a decent amount of bite throughout the pedal range, then with quite forceful breaking, it is literally like slamming down an anchor. Braking confidence is definitely up, and the car feels a lot more usable. From the start of my ownership the brakes had always been a weak point in my opinion, but that's changed now.


I'd 100% recommend the set up. Currently running standard lines and fluid, but that's to be upgraded in the next couple of months.

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8 minutes ago, Adrian@TORQEN said:

Oh wow, thanks for your review and feedback! What's your name? :lol: 

No worries, I researched for a while before making the choice, so hopefully can help someone out, and you were extremely helpful when buying. The names Adam, surname begins with P. Bought the set up early Jan.

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