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Shaft click


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A month of owning and I have the shaft click on my 45.000 miles import vert auto 2005. 

I get the common click when I select reverse and moving off going forward.

It seems to do this when the car is warm . I have 2 months national warrenty left that covers the car for everything @  up to £80 A hour Labour up to £5000 total claim. Should i get it re grease and replace what's needed or go for the upgraded shaft I've read about that has the problem solved? Any advice would be great thank u. I have read the click thread but would like some condenced info to produce to my mechanic :wacko:

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First action would be, re grease shafts and re torque to correct spec. If whereby that doesn't work, then progress to replacing parts. I carried out first action myself about 2 years ago and it's been perfect since. 


However as we're talking warranty, with a limited window for repair......... half of me is saying do the minimum repair that's needed, the other says go for the replacement parts *thinking out loud.


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