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Evo magazine bought second hand 350 and loved it, aswell as buyers guide

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Think the role of imports is a little under played in that article though. Yes they are cheap and that infers lesser quality but as we know, many fresh imports have been well looked after, come with a variety of extras and, perhaps most importantly - never seen a salty road. VED for imports is considerably cheaper than the UK spec models, too.  I'm £230 a year for the RS. 

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The uk models have come down to a price now though where there is little difference money wise. Yes i agree, some imports will be in excellent condition but i was suprised to see the amount of factory underseal protection on my uk model when i recently topped it all up. Looking on youtube, i was equally amazed at the lack of any protection on US models. I mean it was just bare shell exposed. Of course if the import has been fully treated then fair enough but something you need to ensure with our weather. Also, when i was on the CAT driver day, Colin was saying how he was involved in the extensive reworking of the car for the European market, think thats why it took a year longer to come out over here. He was saying something like 80 odd things were changed including the whole suspension/ handling setup to cope with 150mph on the autobahn. The jap models were never realy tested over 100mph. Again, i stress, its all subjective, the often used expression “buy on condition” applies as usual. :thumbs:

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