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SM06 WEW - The Daily Hoon

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So I finally got my hands on a Z! I was split between one and a focus rs mk1 about 6 years ago and now I have the chance to experience both!

So I got this (SM06 WEW) for just over £6500 with 66k on the clock all the way from Bedford, a 2006 plate GT in Gunmetal Grey. Body work seems very good for it's age! Apart from being covered in tree sap which is a work in progress!


Upon getting home I was greeted with a cabin full of smoke and oil pouring out of her! Failed gaskets that had been previously botched! £300 later all good!

The car has the clicky rear axle, whiny wheel bearings, corroded alloys and now an annoying knock front the front which sounds like warn out bushes. So yes I have quite a project on my hands lol...


The car is 90% standard...for now.. :D . It does have a scorpion mid section and back box due to the original failing and a kenwood touchscreen stereo.


Anyway a few pictures!


Firstly a decent wash! Nothing but DodoJuice products !





First mod being a shorty Arial!





Plans... Refurb the alloys or change.

Nismo body kit - these seem to be rare as hens teeth! Are there any decent replicas?

Suspension refurb/Overhaul.

ARK Grip exhaust.

Berk decats.



That's all for now :) .




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Welcome along! I think with that many 6s in the car you were doomed :lol:


For your parts list, have a look through the traders on here, Tarmac, Torqen, Cougar Store, Horsham Dev, Abbey etc can all source you parts/fitting at competitive prices. 

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