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Splitting/Refurb Headlights

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Hi all


I have a 2007 350Z with Facelift Headlights. 


Unfortunately the seals have deteriorated allowing small water ingress into the headlights either side. 


How easy is it to remove the headlights, split them, clean them up and effectively reseal them without a professional oven and equipment?


I'd also like to replace the orange LEDs inside one of the headlights as one of the LEDs has failed, and I need to polish the inside of one headlight lens. 


If this is a job best left to a professional, can anyone recommend someone who offers this service with a relatively quick turnaround (one week)? 


The other alternative would be brand new headlights at £1600 for replacements or sourcing a used pair which I simply cannot afford right now due to other priorities on the Zed. 


Any advice appreciated. 


Thank you

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Hi. It is possible to do this yourself if your up for giving it a go. 


Ive used a heat gun in the past to gently warm up the glue before splitting the lights. It take patience.


I wouldnt polish the inside of the light.  I've done this in the past before and it seems to have a coating on it which starts to come off if you use a fine resin polish.   Try just a lint free cloth an water to remove any water marks. 


The leds can be done. There are soldered onto a circuit board though so a bit fiddley. 


If you do muck them up I'll be selling a set of facelift headlights next week for £800  lol 





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Rsv graphics  have done a few members lights for a very reasonable price if you don't fancy it yourself :)

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