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FOR SALE: Clutch and Flywheel Combo Kits Only £525.00


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For Nissan 350Z  2003 - 2007 VQ35DE  (Will not fit HR)


New stock arrived today, when they are gone they are gone.


Genuine Exedy Organic 3 piece clutch kit comprising of Clutch Cover, Clutch Plate and Clutch Bearing.

Genuine LUK Dual Mass Flywheel.


These are OEM equipment, and these  are exactly what is fitted to your car when it left the factory.


These are Genuine Authentic parts, sourced directly from Exedy and LUK.


Price of kit is £525.00 which represents a discount to forum members of £240.00  (30%) off RRP


Also, best to swop out the oem soft clutch fork pivot ball with a hardened chromoly pivot ball when the box is out.


These can be bought for only £46.41 each and I have 6 left in stock.


It is also recommended to replace the crankshaft clutch pilot bushing, Genuine Nissan are also in stock at only £5.00 each


Post up your interest here or drop me a PM.















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4 hours ago, da.murf said:

You ever plan to sort an up rated kit? Slightly tougher clutch n maybe a lightweight flywheel? 

Plenty uprated kits in stock, with SMF or DMF if preferred.

Just drop me a PM with your requirements and the year and model of your car.


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Hi not a reply re clutch kit however not sure if the car iam getting has an aftermarket exhaust or not ,I will find out when I pick it up next weekend.I hope it does but if not what do you recommend ? There are loads out there all at varying prices, I don't want one that is going to annoy the neighbours or make me sound like a boy racer (I'm 56 lol). I'd like a nice throaty sound.There seems to be loads of parts ie de cat HFC etc .I am lost what to buy lol .last but not least do you sell exhausts

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Mid life crisis wanted a second car was looking about and thought I fancied the BMW Z4 35i mainly cause of the engine so sorted a deal with a garage down south last Saturday ( back of my mind was I love the look of the 370z better than the BMW) .so on way to Glasgow last Saturday popped into Grassicks in Perth cause they had the 1.8 version and I wanted a seat in one .Long story short I thought it was too much like a hairdressers car.So back on the road to Glasgow dealership from Manchester call to say sorry my colleague has been doing a deal with another customer on the z4 and taken a deposit. Can I source another one for you ,no thanks.In the back of my mind I was like was not meant to be.Now I had been scouring the net looking a 370z's and there was one in Glasgow ,at this point Mrs is like noooooooo we are going Xmas shopping ,I was like I'll only be 10 mins looking ,2 hours later the deposit is paid on my new 370 Gt edition lol. To be fair she likes it too. So I'm hoping to pick it up next weekend ,I've probably paid a bit over the odds for it but full service history 3 owners looks immaculate,42k on the clock 61 plate .They have put new discs n pads on the back .4 new tyres .Look forward to getting it to Balbeggie n seeing what exhaust is on it. Have you still got your GTR. 

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