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small hole in soft-top... help please!!


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I have a MY 2010 370Z Convertible and it looks like someone has stabbed the nib of a ball point pen through the canvas on the drivers side on the side part. It may have been caused by something rubbing inside but I am not sure. It is in the same area where the soft top on my old Boxster used to be prone to scuffing and wear. I am suspicious of vandalism though as the other side is fine. I have rung round many roof companies re getting it repaired and most won't touch it but I have found one in Stockport called The Soft Top Shop who say they can do it. It obviously won't be invisible but I figured that a neat small black stitched area is better than a small hole and much better than spending thousands on a new one! I wondered whether any other convertible 370 owners had experienced a similar thing and what they did please, maybe an insurance claim for a new roof is possible!?



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Sorry to hear this. I have never heard of a tear happening naturally on the 370z roof, unlike the 350, so to me it does sound like it was vandalised or something has accidentally caused the damage. Only issue I have seen is wearing of the roof above the doors by the windows where the roof didn't align which is different to your problem.


Unless they are roof specialists with experience of the the 370 roof I would steer clear. The roof is fitted via laser alignment in the factory, any slight misalightment due to replacement or adjustment will likely cause the wearing issue above. I know of one member who went through 3 different roof fits this way.


Nissan enginners go through a specific training course to deal with roof issues so I would be looking for one of those. One person to contact is Sly at kaizer motors to see what he would recommend.


A quick fix patch or something, although not ideal, may be a safer and far cheaper option.

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