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AlloyGators (Expires 09/01/2017)


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Hi guys, I have seen how well Ollydykins's group buy did on the Rim blades alloy wheel protectors and sadly the other day the inevitable happened and I was pinched on a corner by oncoming traffic meaning I am now the proud owner of a curb rash alloy :(


Anyway, I've knows about AlloyGator for a while now, I believe (but may be wrong) they were the inventors of these types of rim protectors, so I went ahead and asked for some group buy pricing. The lady I dealt with was called Claire and just decided to offer us a discount code, so il let her take it away...


We are happy to offer a 10% discount to all your members, for a period of 3 months. If they can enter the below code at the checkout on our website, this will automatically provide the discount. The code will be valid as from 10/10/2016 and will expire 09/01/2017.


Discount code: NIS350Z


I hope this is of benefit to you and your club, however, should you require any further assistance, please do come back to me.


So all you need to do to get 10% off of any product on their website is find what colour protectors you want on https://www.alloygator.com/ and then at checkout enter the discount code in the quote above, then sit back and wait, I'm ordering my set now!


The kits are shipped for free straight from AlloyGator, so no need to wait around for me to sort them out!


Now, I ask if we can keep this inside the club please, I'm sure if someone goes and sticks this on something like Hot UK Deals and they suddenly get hundreds of orders that the code will just be pulled. If we behave with this one we may get larger discounts in the future, or a lifetime code or something.


Anyway, have fun and post in here if you use the code

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