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  1. A guy called Jas , I went down with him from Derby, last time I try keep up with one 🤣🤦‍♂️
  2. Welcome man 🤙 lovely Z! Look after her 😍
  3. Welcome along man! Looks a nice motor this 🤙
  4. Hi Cal, Hello and welcome 🤙 looks a lovely example this, good to see you enjoying it! As far as maintenance goes these things can be pretty reliable if looked after! Make sure you keep up to date on regular services and checking on your oil and you'll be sweet! If your interested in being part of the Planet Jap family I have some very tasty comps out atm for you to take a look at if it's your thing its @planetjap on Instagram! If it's not don't worry look forward to seeing you this year at the shows/events 😊🪐
  5. 1. andy james 2. Monkey1983 3. Azurez33 4. Humpy 5. ShortPaul 6. SHEZZA 7, Andy_Muxlow 8. JustTheJedi 9. Liam Hopson
  6. Looking sweet welcome! 🤙 yeah definitely bang some spacers on it 👌
  7. Thanks buddy! Yeah I like to be different! Some hate it some love it thats what I like about mad wraps
  8. Hi Andy, thanks appreciate it , yeah the wheels definitely change the looks!
  9. You may have buddy last year went to a couple! Yeah ill be going Horsham for sure when I get round to it! Look forward to seeing yours too
  10. Yeah man it's a big one that for sure!! Well mods wise on my Z , it not got a huge list, stock power still, just mainly cosmetic from what you can see, more changes to come tho over time I want to get a map at some point too!
  11. Hi all, Some of you may recognise the name as ive been round a while but never actually been active on the forum so I want to just make this welcome message 🤙😊 Here are a few pics from a couple meets last year in the Z , hoping to get to more this year for sure! Would also if I'm allowed like to introduce to those who aren't aware of the page I run called Planet Jap where you can win amazing performance parts and accessories for your jap! You will probably see me at the shows and events this year trading so be sure to come say hello I love meeting new people especially Z owners!! 🤙
  12. Looking sweet man! Welcome 😍
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