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  1. Can someone add me to the list please, paid up x 2. (Can’t do it on my phone for some reason) Cheers.
  2. Just a little update, purchased a rotary tool from Amazon for about £25, and using sanding wheels it is doing the job nicely, taking my time I have done one side with very few problems. It helped to have the flexible attachment, as it gave me more room to work easier. Can't wait to get the other side done and everything back together.
  3. Cool, looks like I need to plan a few nights work at it then. Thanks
  4. Hi all, I am in the process of fitting Eibach lowering springs, I have adjustable camber arms and the toe bolts for the rear which allow more adjustment than stock ones - but they require the holes for the bolts to be elongated. I have removed the spring bucket, but there really isn't a lot of room under there, particularly on the passenger side without taking the exhaust off (which I don't want to do, as the flange connecting the mid section to the back box looks like it is on its last legs). I wondered whether any of you have done this with some kind of flexible drill attachment or even a Dremel type rotary tool with a flexible shaft maybe? Any advice on how you did it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Just here now at Addisson Tyres, had to have fronts done first, then go home to get rears as couldn’t fit everything in my car in one go. Top recommendation, these guys know what they are doing, are friendly and take care with what they are doing. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks again guys, just need to find a vehicle big enough to transport 4 wheels and 4 tyres - or do 2 runs. I’ll make sure to mention you and the forum mate, cheers
  7. They will be forthcoming mate, fitting new springs, camber arms, toe bolts so can get the setup right all at the same time. @Chrissaxon & @Wheels 370z - sounds good thanks. I have used A Line in Dudley before for my alignment and they are good. They did fit some tyres for me on my other car too without any problems but Addison Tyres looks like a good place too from their website. Thanks for the help guys.
  8. Hi everyone, I recently had my new wheels land (thanks to Chris from Tarmac), and my tyres. I want to take the wheels to have the tyres fitted but the place I usually use (The Wheel Specialist in Aston) has closed that branch. I am looking for recommendations for somewhere / someone who is going to take a bit of care when fitting the tyres. I live Dudley way but would travel a bit to somewhere decent - but closer the better. Thanks
  9. Thanks both. I’ve suspended the shaft itself so it won’t just drop when I free it up.
  10. Hi, I have successfully removed the passenger side, but the driver side is the problem. I have removed all of the bolts, 6 x 14mm diff side and 32mm hub nut, and tied up the driveshaft so it doesn't drop. The problem is that I can't push the wheel hub end of the shaft through, it seems stuck, the passenger side was persuaded with a rubber mallet, but the other side doesn't want to budge. Has anyone else experienced this, how did you get round it? Any tips or tricks for freeing it up so I can push it through. Thanks in advance.
  11. Thanks guys. I really like the complete flush look which would have seen the number plate removed, and the amount of cars I see driving around with plates in the window sometimes make me wish I'd gone the whole hog and just had the lot smoothed. Oh well, at least if the old bill pull me I don't have to stress.
  12. Hi everyone, Had quite a bit of bodywork done recently, mainly to tidy the car up, front bumpers, back bumpers, both doors and both rear quarters all re painted. Thought I might as well have the front badge filled and smoothed, thought about having the number plate holes done too, but didn't want to mess around with repositioning number plate and / or running smaller plates. P.S. - I am aware the bonnet could do with a good polish...
  13. Very, very nice. Love those wheels. Did you have to roll your arches with that offset?
  14. I thought that was this car I saw today, looked gorgeous mate, loved the wheels!
  15. 1.Valy 2.Livio 3.Nso93 4.Cloud1440 5.Matt V6Z 6. 14N 7. Bhupz350 8. Tom Mckay (NON-FORUM MEMBER) 9. chreewebb



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