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  1. Hey there, if you happen to have some units left, can I grab one? If not then put me down for the next batch. Thanks!
  2. Hey, did this meet happen? Is there another one planned? I'm just dien the road in Slough
  3. Hey peeege, Apologies but I've only just see this post. You will notice that the latch (9) has two blue microswitchs on it. These tell the open/close actuators when to function in sequence. If these brake then you will get the issue you're experiencing. I know this as one of my switches have broken. The bad news is these microswitchs are like hens teeth, I've been trying to source these seperately but they are not made anymore. You can try getting a new latch and hope the switches work! The only thing you can do is take the prong off, it's only 3 screws and when the roof is in its down position it remains firmly shut.
  4. Fascinating stuff.ill be following with interest!
  5. Cs2000 I've read through the whole post just incase I was asking the wrong person, buy I'm very much interested in getting this kit. I've sent you a pm and ready to pay it all in one go. Thanks!
  6. Thankfully there was no chaffed wiring, the roof started working with a replacement roof module, which is located behind the rear storage box's. The reason The roof wasnt going down all the ways was because of a microswitch on the 5th bow latch that was not making contact at the correct time. All I did was bend it a little and hey presto.
  7. Boom! NISSAN and all so called specialists can go swivel on a Spike. Just in time for winter
  8. Hello all. Today has been a good day. A very good day. I've well documented the issues with my roof on every 350z facebook page and forum in existence in the hope that I can work out the issue with the roof. Many have helped with advise and a few have personally looked over the car. But I'm pleased to say that for the first time in 2 years, the roof has worked! (99.99999999999999999999999%) Thr culprit? I changed the roof module for one that a forum member was selling, it took all of 2 minutes to change over and boom! I actually shed a tear (I cried like Ike a baby) Have a look at the video, I think I come Across as quite pleasedb I just have to work out the last bit and I'll stop thinking about torching the thing. Thanks again to everyone who has help. You all get a mainly bear hug when we meet.
  9. As the weather has been so good, what better way to spend Sunday than having a raging hissey fit because of the b*****d roof. So I've been prodding and poking the tonneau lid more today and have made some progress, a small amount of progress but I'm getting closer to having the roof working. If I've not hung myself.last weekend I took all the trim off around the tonneau lid, it gave me a little bit more access but not much You Tube Removing the trim enabled me to see the 5th bow actuator working, video above in my first post .this weekend I delved deeper to see if I could unlatch the back of the roof, I did....to a point.The part circled in green is the end of the 5th bow LOCKING actuator, I removed the split pin and disconnected it from the latch. this enabled the back of the roof to be raised, I was about to run down the street screaming like I've escaped a lunatics asylum with my tshirts over my head, as I thought I'd released that back of the hood. But no. the problem still remains that it won't unlock completely , so I can't lift up the back of the hood and determine which of the 3 components below are not working. I'm almost certain it's either the latch (9) or the close actuator (11) so as it stands, I'm edging ever closer. But not quite there yet.
  10. Hello all , This post is more for reference in case it helps anyone else out in the future. i've been fiddling a little more with the roof and I can confirm that the actuator is doing its job, but the latch isn't. I've made a video with my new amazon purchase, everyone should get on of these endoscopes! https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01IQMJC2U/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_P.NjBbYYJ8D4Z Anyway, the video is below for your reference, but if you happen to know how I can get to these parts I'd really appreciate it.
  11. I don't think it's any more difficult to work on than any other convertible, the last place I wasted my time visiting (after travelling 1 1/2 hours traveling to) everything from an MX5 to a 911 cab, an SL55 and SL350 Mercedes, a Ferrari 360 and a few others I can't remember. I've spend close to a £800 giving my car to various "specialist" to fix, only to be told they can't but I still had to pay for their time. Maybe it's me, maybe people don't like big fat bearded man trying to make their job a little easier. Maybe I need a petit busty blonde woman to get any worked done. Anyone have one I can borrow?
  12. I'm afraid you're very very limited for places you can take your Roadster to get it checked out, I know from 1St hand experience. If you can think of a soft top specialist in the UK then I've already called them and its the same thing I hear each time "...sorry, we don't touch the 350z, 370Z no problem..." The nismo centre in London had my car for a week and even they couldn't diagnose the fault correctly, they plucked the figure of £1200 out of the air to change something that wasn't broken and still couldn't guarantee it would make the roof work. Now that I have pinpointed the issue with my roof, finally, none of these so called specialists seem skilled enough to work out how to do the job even though I've shown them what the issue is. There is an abundance of sources for parts, just no one capable of doing the work. My only option now is to minimise the loss I'll make by selling the car as there is very little point in keeping it. I would suggest that your friend think about doing the same.
  13. Thank you Dicok74, that's a nice offer, where abouts are you based? i'm In Windsor, which i'm hoping isn't that far from you! :)
  14. Thank Paul. I do have those manual release cables but they are for the two clips that are either side of the main latch and looks like the photo below. Thankfully they work as when I pull those the roof unclips and triggers the dash light to come on. It's looking more and more likely I may have to take a hack saw to the prongs (circled above) and look for a replacement. Thanks.
  15. Hey kryptek49, firstly welcome to the group! Your assumption is correct in that the hook that's locked shut is not releasing. I'm trying not to get to the point where I have to cut that off. Although that part is riveted on I don't think that part is available as a separate part. There's no part number for that. I'll keep looking for a solution but I appreciate your response
  16. So no one is available to offer any assistance at all? Or even acknowledge the request for help? I would have thought there was enough expertise on here to, at the very least, offer some suggestions. Perhaps I was wrong.
  17. Thought I would give this a bump, still none the wiser.
  18. I just wanted to add the picture below as it perfectly shows how and where mine is stuck. If I can release the roof from there then everything else will be easy to fix. The Last resort is going to be hacking those two prongs, which will enable me to repair the components within the tonneau cover and then finding a new roof. So close yet so far.
  19. So I spent most of the day with the legendary Dave Gibson (not sure if he's on here or not) but after a few hours of pulling my car to bits and lots of head scratching we finally pinpointed the cause if the mofo roof not working. I thought I'd start a new post so that it's easier to find for reference, should anyone have the same issues. All our focus was on the tonneau cover latch and why this was not unlatching when the roof switch was pressed. If you look at diagram 1 below you can see that there are 2 parts that enable the tonneau lid to latch and unlatch. No. 9: this is the 5th bow latch lock. Photo 2 below No. 10: this is the 5th bow UNLOCKING actuator. Photo 3 The 2 parts above are located within the tonneau lid. Either the latch has failed, the actuator had failed or the wire cable has failed. The problem I have is that because the tonneau lid is stuck shut I cannot lift the tonneau lid to take off the cover shown below. Under this cover is where the above parts are and are what is causing my roof to not work. Thanks to Dave I'm almost there with sorting my roof out. I just need to find a way of opening the 5th bow latch manually and the rest can be sorted. And once this has been done I can stop bugging you all about my roof! Is there a way of manually opening the 5th bow latch? To enable me to open the tonneau lid?
  20. brilliant, thanks. And the last question (hopefully) is there a way of manually opening the latch under the 5th bow? ? I'm here with a friend trying to get to the control unit, unsuccessfully so far
  21. Thank you Alex, just what I needed. Does my logic seem, er, logical?! If the control unit is faulty then it could cause the issues I'm having, right? The power to the latch lock and bow motor needs to come from somewhere, would it be here?
  22. Thanks SuperStu, I'm really hope sees this.
  23. I'm so sorry I've posted this in the wrong section. Please move to the right place. Thanks
  24. Evening all. So it's been a year I've had the car and the roof issue has yet to be resolved. It's been to 4 roof "specialist", nissan nismo centre and a number of parts have been replaced. Still nothing, but I'm going to keep persevering until I can't preserver anymore. Would anyone happen to know the location of the soft top control module on a Roadster? I've gone through the parts catalogue and couldn't see it. Picture1 for reference. I've got a new theory for why my roof isn't working and it may have to with the module. My thinking is that the roof module supplies power to both the 5th bow motor and to the roof lid lock latch (picture 2) if a faulty module is the case then that would explain why no power is getting to both the 5th bow motor and roof lid latch. Replacing the module with a working one *could* work. Although I stand to be corrected I really, really hope this is the case I'm I barking up the wrong tree or is there any logic in my theory? A fellow group member has very kindly offered to help me out this weekend and work on my roof, so everyone cross everything for your fellow Z owner.



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