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    MOT advisory

    Click on Tyres in Shipley have a £70k laser alignment machine. They charge £40 for a full 4 wheel alignment. They will check it free when you have tyres fitted but the £40 is charged if you want it adjusted. You’ll get a full printout of all the measurements at the end. Tyres are as cheap as anywhere as well.
  2. JeZed

    Sh#t Magnet

    Could be honey bees. When we kept bees they used to crap on my car. Small orangey brown spots that smear when you wash them off ? Harmless but annoying. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  3. JeZed

    Sh#t Magnet

    Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  4. Wow - shiny. Nice job. I've been meaning to do mine for a while. You might have just given me the inspiration I needed
  5. Just had mine cancelled by Hastings after 6 weeks. They didn't ask for proof of NCD for a whole month then rejected it as it was just over two years old. Offered to re broker it and went from £218 (with 6 years NCD) to over £1000. If they'd sorted this out and asked for proof of NCD efficiently I could have cancelled within cooling off period with no cancellation fee. Because they dragged their heels they now want £45 cancellation fee. Guess what - they will be losing my business PERMANENTLY - AVOID. Scammers !!! Angry doesn't even come close! Best so far is Tesco Bank at £260 and they will accept company car NCD so I'm looking into that tomorrow. I'm 55 years old and driven claim free for over 30 years - insurance industry are just a load of sharks.
  6. Looks like a warranty job to me - unless you've run them flat or something else that's caused the damage. Looks like the tread is separating from the carcass ?
  7. OK Thanks - I'll go with the free check and see where we are at the moment and make a decision then on what to do next.
  8. MPS4S > MPS4 > MPSS However, MPS4S aren't available to fit 18". Is the MPS4 better than MPSS ? That's what the "greater than" (>) sign implies Doh !
  9. MPS4S > MPS4 > MPSS However, MPS4S aren't available to fit 18". Is the MPS4 better than MPSS ?
  10. MPS4 or MPSS or MPS4S ? Remember I'm on 18" rims.
  11. I had an offer of a free alignment check at Click on Tyres - competitive prices and local to me when I swap the fronts. I bought a Civic for my son last year with a massive toe in (DIY track rod end job !) and had 4 wheel alignment check at Kwik Fit. I presume the check will be similar. From what I remember it gave all the measurements, toe, camber, castor etc. Or do I need to go to a specialist ? Many Thanks for your advice - much appreciated.
  12. Oh - wasn't expecting that. Bog standard car - could it need setting up ? Didn't know it was adjustable. Still - happy that I'm not faced with a torrent of "driver error" quotes
  13. This might be relevant to the post I've just put on the tyres forum ref my Bridgestone RE050's lack of wet grip. Last weekend I was out on a very wet day. I was going round a large roundabout and pushing just a little bit trying to feel the front and how far I could push before a lot of understeer. As I started to (gently) back off the rear end came round a good bit and I nearly sh** my pants . My instinct to apply opposite lock (and Traction control ?) probably saved me from doing at least a 180 in amongst the Saturday shopping traffic. Not really funny at all ! I feel I need somewhere with a bit of space to have a practice and replicate the situation so I can understand what happened. May have been lift off oversteer ? might be crap tyres or a combination of the two or does the 350 have a tendency to do this. I'm quite capable of controlling a slide but I need my confidence in this car restoring. Any advice please. My suspicions are towards the tyres ?
  14. I've only had the car 2 weeks and the lack of wet grip is quite a surprise. I reckon I can go faster in the wet in my Ford S Max company car No confidence ! I have 4 RE050's on the car. One front is 6mm, the other is about 3 in the middle and about barely legal at inside and outside edges. (Previous owner must have run it under inflated ?) I can feel it tracking over banding in the road while the other side is fine. So I'm a bit skint after buying the car - I could stretch to 2 fronts but not all 4. Short list is: Uniroyal Rainsport 3 at £98 each Hankook K120 at £125 each Michelin MPSS £150 'ish each Any advice would be much appreciated.





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