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  1. I have a two poster but same issue, pads wouldnt fit under car as it's lowered so I got 4 of these. http://www.ebay.co.u...70AAOSw42JWEj8u LASER 5669 1PR LOW RISE CAR RAMPS IDEAL FOR LOW SPORTS CARS 1TO GAIN JACK ACCESS
  2. I was actually lying in a hospital bed after some sort of stomach problem, bored out of my mind and had internet access. This toy was delivered to my house even before I got home.
  3. De-bonding means that the rubber or other material that makes up the bush is starting to come away from the bush outer casing. I would say BIG rip off. But that is how Nissan pay the staff wages.
  4. Nice 370 in the car park of the Plough in Whitnash early on tonight. I was in my other Nissan, the X trail.
  5. My other daily hack is a 1997 Defender 90 with a 2 inch lift, not fun at any speed and you want slow? try the 300tdi
  6. KH55 spotted in Beake avenue Coventry just after lunch, I was in my Defender or I would have flashed you. Silver and nice and clean.
  7. This is from the advert on my facebook page 4x4 group. Nissan 350Z V6 Supercharged Race / Comp Safari Engine with DTA S80 Low mileage imported engine fitted with the following...... · Eagle rods · Forged SRP pistons · Cosworth bearings · ARP bolts throughout · Cometic head gaskets · Eaton supercharger · Gates carbon kevlar drive belt · DTA S80 ECU · Large custom intercooler
  8. Hi Shaymo, welcome to the forum, pm sent for the car too!
  9. My space, the man cave area. Hotas warthog stick and throttles for DCS, Hotas steering and pedals for Project cars, 3 screens with 3D and Track IR. Because I can.
  10. I purchased my house only because it had a double garage. 18 1/2 feet square. I can fit 2 cars easily into it BUT there is a small rise of concrete to get in and the Z is lowered so it's the only car Iv'e owned that wont go in. Another fail.
  11. I wouldnt take mine off the drive without my cam running.
  12. A green Ford Cortina MK1, D reg 1966, the heater was great, the rest was just ford. No pics unfortunately. It cost £50 and my insurance was £75, my weekly wage at the time was £18.
  13. I already have an HD forward facing camera, decent images, tracking gps etc. I need one for looking out the rear, Has anyone done this, where did you get the power from? what camera do you use? how is it fitted? Cheers, Si.





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