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  1. Sorry, can't offer an honest opinion on the 750 as we don't sell it. I'd recommend the Sony 43xe8004 for overall quality and the Samsung UE40MU6400 for a lower priced alternative. Deffo go and see them before committing to a purchase. The Harman Kardon sb20 is a great alternative if you can't wait for the yammy. Again-go see/hear them. Lemme know what you decide on and I'll give you a price.
  2. The Ysp2700 is a great bar if you're after more of a home cinema (surround) sound, but much more expensive than the yas207. The 207 is out of stock right now-but should be back very shortly. The LG 670 is a good all round TV and excellent value, but the picture is not as bright/vibrant as others in it's class.
  3. Lemme know what you decide, I'd be happy to sort one for you as I work at Richer Sounds! Or PM me your number and I'll give you a bell. Cheers Rich
  4. Can anyone help me with the plastic bit that covers the front tow point? Thanks in advance.
  5. Whichever you choose, let me give you a quote. I work at a major TV/Home cinema shop and can more than likely do you a better deal than the likes of John Lewis or Currys. Plus my place gives a 6 year warranty. PM me
  6. Very happy with my result - many thanks to Jez and the team, plus chirag1988 for organising it. I went from 269.9 up to 283.2 on my 04 which has the plenum spacer, velocity stack, Y-pipe and drop in K&N air filter. I feel my Zed is now more lively and seems quite a bit smoother to drive. Dropping a cog or two for a swift overtake is even more effortless, and the low to mid range driveability (can't think of a better word) is lovely. Had to be careful on the way back home as it was all too easy to creep up over the speed limit. It was great to drive before, and now it's even better.
  7. Woohoo! I'm booked in on the 27th at Midday - very excited indeed. Will be coming down from Nottingham but really looking forward to the drive home Thanks to all involved in organising it.
  8. I've been in touch with Mitz and am getting a Y pipe fitted before the remap. :-)
  9. Ok doke, ta for the tip davey & chirag. If you think it's worth it I'll have a chat with Jez and see if funds will allow. There's no way I can go to decats or hfc's as well.
  10. Ooh crikey, slots going fast! Please could you book me in for January 27th. I have plenum spacer, exhaust, drop in panel filter with air box mod but I'm not bothered about going the whole hog with hfc's or y pipes. Cheers
  11. Ooh, interested! 1. Chirag1988 2. TGC-Z33 3. Valy 4. RichKitch
  12. Price drop. Could be used over the winter to keep your fancy Rays in top condition
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